Twitter Freestyle lyrics - Jme

Man ain't a sideman like nick clegg
Don't try take man for a smeg head
Young black boy baidin n ting
Durag no skin fade n ting
Boybetterknow black card dats mine
BMW black car that's mine
BBKmobile ring off my line
Badman without the 419
Rep for my ends and I ain't got a tat
I've been about when youngers attack
But 1 on 1, you don't want that
Eidyats wanna try glitch under the map
This badboy lyric I'll start reeling it off
The ends FEDS start sealing it off
You man are bored
Dip ya hand in pva & start peeling it off
I turned my Blam album into a car
I turned a Tottenham man into a star
You man are jokes
Like dyslexic man walking into a bra
I'm on the beat, I'm on the tune
Look at me, look at you
I win this ting
Using the rare candy cheat on pikachu
Clash me fam you will regret diss
Pace! jme will set diss
Borat. You will neve get this!
Slap man in the face with a wet fish
It's peak it's tense
RT Ring Tempz
Bare eidyats trying it with me…